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Wearable Beacon Program

Show Floor Intelligent Experiences Powered by Hubvents

IAEE will pilot the following intelligent show floor features to enhance your Expo Expo 2017 networking experience.

AroundMe Discovery

Expo Expo 2017 offers seamless, touchless contact discovery.
Spend less time scanning visitor profiles in order to favorite and connect with contacts. Hubvents partners with EventBase to help you automatically discover the right contacts in proximity. Now you can actually locate them in real-time at the right time. Download the Event App and click on MyNetworking to discover contacts in proximity who you may want to meet during the following networking activities: Campfire Sessions, Guru Gatherings, Meet Up Pavilion. Tech Swim Up, Tech Center Showcase.

MyJourney Timeline

It's hard to remember everything you did and everyone you met at events. Rely on the Hubvents Journey Timeline to help you with event experience recall. As you navigate the show floor and interact at designated networking sessions, Hubvents wearable beacons will chronicle your journey for you. You can easily access your personal Journey Timeline after the show by clicking on MyJourney from the Event App, or via a unique web URL you that will be provided for convenient access.

MyJourney reporting is limited to interactions on the show floor and at designated networking events.

Recipe for Success

Your participation will help to make the 2017 Show Floor Intelligence Pilot a success. You will receive a beacon attached to your lanyard during check-in at Registration. Be sure to keep your wearable beacon with you during Expo Expo in order to take advantage of rich event experiences.

Returning Beacons

There will be collection bins positioned throughout the venue, so you can conveniently return your beacon at the conclusion of the show, or upon your departure, should you leave before Expo Expo concludes. Be sure to return your wearable beacons in order to get access to your MyJourney Timeline.

Tips on Getting the Most out of the Expo! Expo! App Experience:

  • Set your mobile app settings to auto update
  • Turn on Your Bluetooth
  • Create a user log in (User Name is registration confirmation/badge ID, Password is your Email Address)

Expo! Expo! Trade Show Hours
Henry B Gonzalez Convention Center

Tue, 28 November 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Wed, 29 November 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm