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  • Update your Profile: Click on 'Edit Booth Info' to update your company information, online description, product categories, and other items.
  • Make a Payment: Click on 'My Account' to make a payment.
  • Exhibitor Services Kit: Order booth furnishings, electricity, internet, signage, cleaning, floral, catering, and more. 
  • Exhibitor Marketing Tools: Everything you need to gain the most ROI from the show! Tips, tricks, and additional opportunities to drive traffic to your booth and market to attendees before, during and after the show.


Click here to view a list of our contracted partners. 

Please be aware of vendors that have been contacting exhibitors about booking hotel rooms, services, or access to the attendee list at Expo! Expo!. We are NOT working with any outside companies to provide housing details. All other unsolicited calls/emails are from poachers and we apologize for the inconvenience. 

Here are some of those companies to watch out for:

  • Bethesda List Center
  • Filmscape Productions - 
  • Biz-Proposal
  • Docu - Contacts
  • Global Expo - 888-304-4340
  • Event Travel Planners
  • Expo Housing Services - 866.319.3976
  • Exhibitors Housing Management - 800.600.4513
  • Exhibitors Housing Services - 800.217.4402
  • Corporate Booking Services (CBS Inc) 
  • TravelEra - 800.348.5816 
  • Global Travel Partners
  • Convention Housing Authority
  • Global Housing Services Corporation: 800.982.1409 
  • National Travel Associates

For questions, contact Michelle Menezes at 972-687-9206 or

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