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IAEE has put together another great lineup of executive education during the 2017 Expo! Expo! in San Antonio. The sessions below require a separate registration and you will need to register for the annual meeting prior to signing up for one of these sessions below.

Tuesday, 28 November

CEIR Research Sneak Peek & Luncheon - 2017 Senior marketing Executives/CMO Study 

11:30 AM – 12:45 PM (1130 - 1245)

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) is currently conducting research with senior marketing executives which will assess the reputation, image and perceived value of business-to-business exhibitions/trade shows among CMOs. Initial findings from the study may offer insights on any current and near-term future shifts in the level of use of exhibitions as well as changes in how the channel is used. Attend this panel discussion to hear executives discuss potential barriers to participating in exhibitions, who is now overseeing primary responsibilities and if funds are shifting away from trade shows to other activities such as sponsorship.

Moderated by:

  • Dr. Sam Potolicchio, Director of Global and Custom Education, McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University

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To attend this program, you must RSVP and be qualified. To RSVP, or if you have any questions on if you qualify to attend, please contact Marsha Flanagan.

Wednesday, 29 November

IAEE Executive Breakfast: It's All About Innovation

8:30 AM – 10:30 AM (0830 - 1030)

IAEE’s Annual Executive Breakfast Program held during the IAEE Expo! Expo! Annual Meeting and Exhibition is designed for those who hold a VP title or higher or are MATSO members with a Director title or higher.  

Why do market leaders fail? How is it that some products seem to come from now where and change the entire market?  How do you find and develop disruptive innovation? How can you make sure one doesn’t disrupt you?

Based on research from the CEIR Industry Insights Series, Harvard University as well as independent research findings on innovation, the content will share keys to success that draw upon scientific and business principles.

This session will explore how disruptive innovations come about, how you can be the one to create them and how to make sure one doesn’t disrupt you and your organization.  This session also focuses on the challenge of diagnosing a given problem – such as, ‘what is preventing us from making progress or perhaps a problem faced by their customers – and then, crucially, challenging and reframing people’s initial perception of that problem.  The importance of reframing becomes clear when you look at how people tend to approach problem-solving.


  • Dr. Amanda Cecil, Chair of the Department of Tourism, Conventions and Event Management at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
  • Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg, author of Innovation as Usual: How to Help Your People Bring Great Ideas to Life
  • Dr. David Ricketts, Technoogy and Entrepreneurship Center (TECH) at Harvard University

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To register for the session, you must be registered as a full expo attendee and select the session when provided with the learning choices.  If you have any questions, please send an email to Marsha Flanagan, VP of Learning Experiences, IAEE or call 972.687.9218.

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