Want the most event leads possible? We can help.

Ever wish you could identify everyone that visited your booth? Brokered Connection TM – a new passive lead generation, privacy compliant offering from The Indoor Lab - allows exhibitors and attendees to directly connect during and after the show, extending new business opportunities beyond the event.

Here’s how it works:

  • A small proprietary sensor is placed at your booth.
  • The exhibitor has unlimited access to EventAnalyzer analytics dashboard
  • Exhibitors now have a list of passive leads during and after the event that visited your booth
  • NEW! Exhibitors can connect with passive leads using our privacy-compliant connect capability
  • If attendees “accept,” their name, email and phone number will be unmasked for follow up.
  • NEW! Attendees can connect with exhibitors from their attendee snapshot after the show

What You’ll Get

Attendees can connect with you!

For the first time, we provide lead generation so that attendees can connect with you! After the show, all attendees will receive an “Attendee Snapshot” with exhibitors visited. Don’t miss out if they try to connect with you!

Exhibitor lead & traffic analytics

A single integrated exhibitor dashboard with active leads (from purchased scanners) and NEW passive Brokered Connection TM leads all in one. Includes unlimited access to your all your traffic analytics and leads. Also enables attendees to connect with you after the show!

The Indoor Lab

The Indoor Lab

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