Exhibitors at Expo! Expo! have access to the largest group of show organizers worldwide.

Are you a supplier for the exhibition and events industry and service the events industry?

If so, Expo! Expo! is your gateway to the decision-makers for the $101 billion B2B exhibitions industry (stat courtesy of CEIR). We invite you to connect with the owners, executives, and managers from companies and associations that organize a wide variety of events, including many of the largest in North America. It's the ideal place for any exhibitor to showcase new products, meet new customers and network with the leading experts in the exhibitions and events industry.

General Show Information

Due to the enhanced negative realities of COVID-19 around the world, the in-person portion of this year’s Expo! Expo! IAEE’s Annual Meeting and Exhibition slated for 8-10 December in Louisville, KY will not take place. We will however move forward with the virtual Expo! Expo! on the same dates and hope you will participate.

Expo! Expo! virtual includes the ability to:

  • House your company content in a variety of ways and formats to engage attendees
  • Request meetings with attendees, speakers and other exhibitors
  • Match your company with attendees through AI-powered matchmaking