Topic Areas

VIRTUAL TOPIC AREAS include approximately 75 sessions that address:

  • Virtual Event Production   
  • Safely Reopening Exhibitions and Events         
  • Wellness and Personal Development          
  • Leadership and Business
    • For Young Professionals
    • For Executives

Topic Descriptions

  • Virtual Event Production – Content that focuses on the services, equipment, training and personnel needed to provide an exceptional digital event from strategy to full execution.
  • Safely Reopening Exhibitions and Events – Content that focuses on that will assist exhibition organizers and suppliers to consider when planning for and producing an exhibition in a safe and responsible way.
  • Wellness and Personal Development – Content that includes broad offerings that focus on enhancing the quality of individuals’ lives such as creating a healthy lifestyle, disease prevention, promoting self-care and wellness, mental health awareness, and development of one’s personal, social and spiritual growth.
  • Leadership and Business – Content that focuses on expanding and strengthening business acumen and leadership skills in order to become more effective leaders, gain new perspectives, and explore emerging trends to transform them into actionable insights.
    • For Young Professionals – Specifically focuses on content that will help develop leadership, management, and business acumen skills relevant to critical thinking, sales and negotiation, resume and interview skills building, job advancement, and building connections and communities.
    • Executive Experience – Content specifically developed for director level and above positions that delve into the most relevant, top-of-mind business issues and ideas impacting the exhibitions and events industry with an emphasis on leadership development, strategic foresight, emerging trends, and best practices.

Specialty Sessions


  • Opening General Session
  • Day 2 General Session
  • Awards Watch Party
  • Women Focused Programming
  • Show Floor Education: 
    • Start Up Pitch Competition
    • Tech Use Case Presentations

  • Asia Forum
  • Young Professionals Track
  • Executive Experience Track