The IAEE Education Committee consists of members that are recognized industry leaders with many years of industry experience. The committee's role is to review, plan and evaluate IAEE's education programming for Expo! Expo! IAEE's Annual Meeting and Exhibition.

The selection process involves a review of every complete presentation submitted prior to the deadline. Completed submissions include speaker profiles (i.e. bio, photo, references) for each session speaker, session descriptions and actionable learning objectives.

All presentations are selected on the basis of the information submitted. Those submitting are expected to follow all instructions carefully and provide all requested information. Incomplete submissions will not be considered. Proper grammar, punctuation, etc. is also looked at during this process. Typically, more presentations are submitted than can be accepted. Only the best presentations are selected for Expo! Expo! IAEE's Annual Meeting and Exhibition.

Call for Presentations is Now Closed.

Selection Criteria

Presentation submissions are evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Complete presentation submission, submitted by the deadline.
  2. Session learning level is appropriate for the audience and topic.
  3. Identification of three actionable learner outcomes that follow the sentence: After participating in this session, attendees will be able to...
  4. Presentation is designed to encourage high audience interaction/participation.
  5. Content is focused, current, practical or innovative.
  6. Clear and concise organization of ideas and clearly written learner outcomes.

IAEE's Target Audiences

Presentations must be tailored to IAEE's target audiences and to one of the suggested topic areas. See topics below.

  • B2B Association, Independent, Medical Show Organizers
  • B2C Consumer & LIVE Events Organizers
  • Exhibitors
  • Show Operations
  • Sales & Marketing Professionals
  • Global Attendees (outside the U.S.)

Session Delivery Formats

Presentations must be tailored to IAEE's target audiences and to one of the suggested topic areas. See topics below.

  • In-person Main Stage Presentation – 30 minutes
    • These sessions will be delivered on the show floor in the IAEE Main Stage Theater. This theater will accommodate at least 150 attendees.
  • In-person Exhibitor Show Floor Mobile Presentation – 15 minutes
    • These sessions will be delivered LIVE from the show floor in the exhibitor booths and will be made available to virtual attendees via a livestream on the IAEE virtual event platform. The sessions will be delivered in an interview format style. While most likely product or service focused, learner objectives should drive delivery of information. Please note: This opportunity is ONLY available for confirmed exhibitors with contracts.
  • In-person Technology Theater Presentation – 15 minutes
    • These sessions will be delivered on the show floor in the Technology Theater. Approximate theater capacity is 50. They will be recorded and made available on demand on IAEE’s virtual event platform.
  • Virtual Presentation – 30 minutes
    • These sessions will be pre-recorded and uploaded on IAEE’s virtual event platform and delivered on Thursday, 9 December. These sessions will be made available to all in-person and virtual full-meeting registrants. Presenters will be required to log on during their recording to address Q&A live via the IAEE event platform chat feature.

Session Topic Areas of Interest

  • Attendee & Exhibitor Acquisition & Retention: Content geared towards defining, branding and promoting your event through various marketing mediums to drive attendee acquisition, engagement and loyalty.
  • Event Technologies: Content focused on technology products, services and resources for show organizers and presented as real-life case studies.
  • Leadership & Management: Content designed to expand and strengthen the business acumen and leadership skills in order to become more effective leaders, gain new perspectives, explore emerging trends and transform them into actionable insights.
  • Operational Efficiencies: Content geared towards the design and delivery of trade shows and events utilizing cost-effective strategies.
  • Partner Sales & Sponsorships: Content geared towards identifying, building and enhancing exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities, identifying new revenue potential, and developing your selling skills to meet ongoing customer needs.
  • Research & Trends: Content providing objective and independent views and insights.
  • Safety, Security & Risk Management: Content focused on keeping your stakeholders safe and mitigating risks.
  • Show Design: Content geared towards those responsible for the operation and execution of events that create powerful face-to-face marketing opportunities.
  • Wellness and Personal Care: Content focused on establishing healthy behaviors that positively impact work and personal life.

Learning Level Definition

IAEE audiences include persons who have been in the industry for varying lengths of time. IAEE attendees have indicated interest in more advanced topics. To accommodate the needs of the attendees, submitters are encouraged to target intermediate to advanced learning levels. The three learning levels for presentations include:

  • Executive (C Level - Senior Executive - VP)
  • Manager (Manager – Director)
  • Staff (Administrative – Coordinator - Student)

Submission Instructions

Complete the IAEE 2021 Expo! Expo! Call for Presentation Application and submit all ideas before the deadline. Be prepared to include all session information and a photo of yourself.

Important Dates

Call for Presentations is Open 14 June
Call for Presentations Process is Closed 23 July
Proposal Grading Process Open with IAEE Education Committee 30 July
Grading Process Closed with IAEE Education Committee 13 August
First Round of Notifications Sent 20 August
Selection Process Begins with IAEE Staff 27 August
Program Design Complete by IAEE Staff 31 August
Notify All Confirmed Proposals 10 September
Speaker Contracts Due 17 September
Virtual Presenters PPTs and Take Away Docs Due 12 October

All Speaker Recordings Complete

All In-Person Speaker PPTs and Take Away Docs Due

12 November
Expo! Expo! Annual Meeting & Exhibition 7 - 9 December