Are you in it to win it?

Tuesday, 5 December – Wednesday, 6 December

Welcome to the Expo! Expo! Gridiron Competition**
Organizers Can Score BIG in Dallas!

All Expo! Expo! organizer attendees are invited to join the Expo! Expo! Gridiron Competition. By visiting various locations and booths on the Expo! Expo! show floor, you can earn points.
For those acquiring maximum points, will be entered into a drawing to win the ExpoBowl Grand Prize.

ExpoBowl Grand Prize includes:

  • Two (2) Southwest E Passes
  • 100,000 Hilton Points
  • $1,000 gift card


Even if you don’t win the ExpoBowl, you will still be automatically placed on one of three (3) teams (Any Given Sunday, Instant Replay, and Pick-6) with a chance to win as a team. Each person on the winning team will receive a $5 prize.

Organizers must be present at Closing Lunch to be eligible to win the grand prize.

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