It’s Time for Lights, Camera, Education!

IAEE is Rolling Out The Red Carpet for Your Personalized IAEE Learning Experience!

Be the director of your own professional education journey and take charge of this unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in Expo! Expo! filled with learning, mindset challenges and innovative ideas.  It’s your prime opportunity to dive into the world of face-to-face connections at the IAEE Expo! Expo! Annual Meeting and Exhibition, where the exhibitions ecosystem converges for collective growth through rich content, vibrant community, and invaluable connections.

Engage with industry luminaries and seasoned peers as you explore fresh perspectives and creative solutions. Foster collaboration and forge meaningful relationships that will fuel both your personal and professional growth.

It’s time to redefine your educational odyssey. Come prepared to absorb, expand, and be inspired!

Education Resources

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Behind the Scenes with Tech: A Hand-Ons Learning Lab Approach

Bring your computer for hands-on learning and enter the world of exhibitions and events with our Technology Learning Lab, offering hands-on experimental AI collaboration experiences, real world applications, real-life case studies of technology products, and more. These intimate workshops, led by tech innovators and experts, will help attendees to gain the resources and tools needed to leverage and shape technology to meet their own unique needs.

Director’s Cut: Shaping the Future of Exhibitions

This track is curated to equip participants with forward-thinking perspectives and insights from industry leaders regarding the emerging trends, research, and technologies that are shaping the future of exhibitions and trade shows. Attendees will gain valuable solutions and strategies to strategically adapt their events, ensuring they remain ahead of the curve and consistently deliver value to their stakeholders.

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Reel Insights: Cultivating Health, Wellness, and Safety

Content geared towards fostering holistic health, safety, and wellness in modern lifestyles through innovative strategies, nurturing practices, and interdisciplinary collaborations. It is aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles, implementing safety measures in workplaces or communities, offering mental health support and resources, advocating for sustainable and eco-friendly practices, and fostering a culture of well-being through education and awareness.

Script Development: Marketing Strategies for Captivating Audiences

Content designed to provide attendees with a deep understanding of the latest trends, best practices, and cutting-edge strategies for successful marketing in today’s fast-paced business environment. This track will cover a wide range of topics, from digital marketing, content creation to brand management, attendee acquisition and customer engagement giving attendees the practical insights on how to leverage the latest marketing techniques to drive business growth and success.

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Spotlight on Success: Mastering Sales and Sponsorships

Content designed to provide practical insights and strategies for identifying, building, and enhancing exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities, while identifying new revenue potential and developing your selling skills to meet ongoing customer needs that drive revenue and business growth. This track will cover a wide range of topics, from sponsorship activation and sales prospecting to sales team management and measurement.

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Stagecraft Secrets: Elevating Trade Show Design and Operations

This dedicated track offers actionable insights and strategies for enhancing the strategic and operational aspects of trade shows and events. Attendees will gain valuable knowledge on cost-effective approaches to elevate their shows and take them to the next level with experiential design. Tailored to professionals responsible for event operations and execution, as well as show design, this content focuses on creating impactful face-to-face experiential marketing opportunities. Learn how to design and deliver trade shows and events efficiently while maximizing your budget for optimal results.

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TOP-NOTCH CONTENT from EXPERTS in the FIELD Gain knowledge, expertise, key takeaways, trends and solutions from industry experts and professional speakers through topics that are top of mind for decision makers, organizers and more, covering strategic skills needed for leaders and companies to move forward and plan for success.

EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING In addition to traditional classroom instruction, take part in various informal educational settings in the Education Hall or on the show floor to share in peer discussions, hear top tips, solutions and more!

WORK TOWARDS YOUR CEM Are you looking to advance your skillset in exhibition management? You can earn CE credits towards your Certification in Exhibition Management designation while onsite!

NETWORK with YOUR PEERS Expo! Expo! provides ample opportunity to network with your industry peers, whether it’s through small group discussions in class, or through B2B experiences in the marketplace and at the Expo! Expo! show, you can build meaningful relationships and business.

SPECIALTY GROUP EXPERIENCES – Expo! Expo! will have additional education offerings for specific groups where you get a personalized experience and content relevant to your specific needs. These are invitation only sessions.

  • Chapter Leaders Forum
  • Hosted Buyer and First Time Attendee Breakfast and Reception
  • CEIR (Center for Exhibition Industry Research) Specialty Session
  • Executive Specialty Sessions for C-Suite Executives
  • MATSO Specialty Session for MATSO Organizers

EARN CE CREDITS – By attending Expo! Expo! Opening General Session and each time slot of education, you can earn up to 8 CE credits that count towards CEM recertification.

CE’s can ONLY be earned by purchasing a Full Meeting Package.  CEM courses require a separate registration process. 

Want to attend and need buy-in? We’ve got you covered!

There are several sponsored or discounted programs available whether you are interested in participating as a Hosted Buyer or First Timer.  If you need assistance in creating a justification package for your employer, we can assist!  IAEE has created detailed sample letters for you to tailor to gain funding for your attendance in one convenient location. With expert advice, pre-conference justification documents and post-conference reporting templates, your manager or supervisor is sure to appreciate the investment made in your training and development as well as to your company’s success. For more information on these items go to the registration page.

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