Be an Expo! Expo! Content Leader

2023 Expo! Expo! Annual Meeting & Exhibition Call for Presentations

Are you a subject matter expert or do you have knowledge that could make a difference in our industry? Will your knowledge teach and inspire others to build and create better and more engaging trade shows and events? Be a part of IAEE’s 2023 Expo! Expo! Annual Meeting & Exhibition.

Expo! Expo! is a diverse, interactive experience that fosters an environment of thought leadership, best practices, and innovation. Expo! Expo! is the industry’s foremost face-to-face network for exhibition and event industry professionals and the gateway to the decision-makers for the $91 billion exhibitions and events industry, with ninety-one percent of attendees having a role in purchasing decisions. Attendees include owners, executives, directors, and managers from organizations that organize a wide variety of events, including many of the largest exhibitions in North America and from over fifty countries worldwide.

Be an Expo! Expo! Content Leader & Showcase Your Expertise!

IAEE calls on you to share knowledge and business expertise through a unique and valuable speaking opportunity. You are invited to submit an education session proposal for presentation at the 2023 Expo! Expo! IAEE’s Annual Meeting and Exhibition 5-7 December in Dallas, TX.

Education Committee Presentation Review and Selection Process

The IAEE Education Committee consists of members that are recognized industry leaders with many years of industry experience. The committee’s role is to review, plan and evaluate IAEE’s education programming for Expo! Expo! IAEE’s Annual Meeting and Exhibition.

The selection process involves a review of every complete presentation submitted prior to the deadline. Completed submissions include content leader (speaker) profiles (i.e., bio, photo, references) for each session content leader, session descriptions and actionable learning objectives.

All presentations are selected based on the information submitted. Those submitting are expected to follow all instructions carefully and provide all requested information. Incomplete submissions will not be considered. Proper grammar, punctuation, etc. is also looked at during this process.

Typically, more presentations are submitted than can be accepted. Only the best presentations are selected for Expo! Expo! IAEE’s Annual Meeting and Exhibition.

Expo! Expo! Call for Presentations is Closed.

Criteria to Submit

  • ORGANIZERS – Both member and nonmember organizers may submit for consideration to present.
  • MEMBER SUPPLIERS – IAEE member suppliers who are paid exhibitors at Expo may submit for consideration to present and are required to include an organizer as a co-presenter in a case-study format presentation. The organizer may be either an IAEE member or a nonmember organizer.
  • NON-MEMBER SUPPLIERS – Non-member suppliers who are paid exhibitors at Expo may submit for consideration to present and are required to include an organizer as a co-presenter in a case-study format presentation. The organizer may be either an IAEE member or a nonmember organizer. Non-Member Suppliers who are NOT exhibiting cannot speak at the event.
  • External Speakers Policy – Non-Industry Professional Speakers may submit for consideration to present. These are outside professional speakers whose primary business is speaking and who are not members of IAEE. IAEE has full discretion on who qualifies for this category of speaker.

Presentation Selection Criteria

Presentation submissions are evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Complete presentation submission, submitted by the deadline.
  2. The session learning level is appropriate for the audience and topic.
  3. Identification of three actionable learner outcomes that follow the sentence: After participating in this session, attendees will be able to:
  4. Content is focused, current, practical, or innovative and should allow attendees the opportunity to apply learning in real life situations.
  5. Education may be considered and delivered in various formats depending on the final format of the event. See below for specific formats for various types of session submissions.

IAEE’s Target Audiences

Presentations must be tailored to IAEE’s target audiences and to one of the suggested topic areas.  See topics below.

  • B2B, B2C & LIVE Event Organizers
  • Exhibitors
  • Sales & Marketing Professionals

Session Delivery Formats

These sessions will be delivered onsite, in-person, at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.

General Education Session Workshops

  • 60-minute informative sessions involving 1-2 presenters max, which include valuable key content and takeaways relevant to your content area where attendee learning can be applied immediately upon completion of session, in an attendee’s role, position, or scope of work.
  • Should involve 45 minutes of content and 15 minutes of Q&A or an audience engagement activity.

Panel Discussions

  • Discussion or interview type format of 40-45 minutes, involving 3 panelists and 1 moderator who leads the discussion.
  • Includes an additional 15-20 minutes for audience Q&A and participation.

Case Study Sessions

  • Presentations that showcase a real-life event or scenario with challenges, solutions, and tips. A maximum of 3 presenters is allowed.

Quick Tip Power Sessions

  • To be held in a show floor theatre for a small audience of 20-25 max. These short power sessions are to provide quick bursts of key information and tips relevant to your specific proposal topic.

Topic Areas of Interest (Tracks)

  • Building & Retaining Talent: Content designed to help leaders attract, develop, and retain top talent in today’s competitive job market. This track will cover a wide range of topics such as talent acquisition, employer branding and recruitment strategies, interviewing and onboarding strategies, building future pipelines, and developing the next generation, team collaboration, employee engagement, career development, managing teams, developing a positive work culture, remote work environments, mental health/work life balance and more.
  • Do the Right Thing No Matter Who’s Watching: Content designed to provide thought provoking knowledge on the powerful connection between social, corporate, and environmental responsibility and its undeniable impact on business success when organizations and people do the right thing. Track topics delve into various strategies, initiatives and best practices adopted by companies and individuals to create a positive impact on society, while driving sustainable growth. Attendees will hear insights into how organizations can simultaneously contribute to the greater good while achieving long-term success in today’s dynamic and conscious-driven marketplace.
  • Exploring Event Technology: Content presented as a case study that is designed to provide show organizers with an in-depth understanding of the latest trends, tools, and technologies, while focusing on technology products, services, and resources that showcase how an event organizer has used the product(s) and leveraged the use of technology to enhance the attendee experience, increase event ROI and streamline planning and execution.
  • Surveying the Exhibition Landscape of Tomorrow: Content designed to provide attendees with forward-thinking insights from leading experts into the evolving trends, research and technologies shaping the future of exhibitions and trade shows and practical solutions for how they can adapt their event strategies to stay ahead of the curve and deliver value to their stakeholders.
  • Innovative Sales & Sponsorship Solutions: Content designed to provide practical insights and strategies for identifying, building, and enhancing exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities, while identifying new revenue potential and developing your selling skills to meet ongoing customer needs that drive revenue and business growth. This track will cover a wide range of topics, from sponsorship activation and sales prospecting to sales team management and measurement.
  • Marketing Matters: Content designed to provide attendees with a deep understanding of the latest trends, best practices, and cutting-edge strategies for successful marketing in today’s fast-paced business environment. Examples of topics may include digital marketing and content creation to brand management and customer engagement giving attendees practical insights on how to leverage the latest marketing techniques to drive business growth and success.
  • The Business of Legal: Content designed to provide attendees with the latest insights and legal best practices covering a wide range of topics that provide practical information into how they can navigate the complex landscape of legal contracts, clauses, and special circumstances relevant to legal in the world of exhibitions.

Learning Level Definition

IAEE audiences include persons who have been in the industry for varying lengths of time. IAEE attendees have indicated interest in more advanced topics. To accommodate the needs of the attendees, submitters are encouraged to target intermediate to advanced learning levels. The three learning levels for presentations include:

Executive (C Level – Senior Executive – VP)

  • The learner assumes an advanced understanding of the industry.
  • The learner holds a position at an executive level and is looking for strategic learning and networking with peers.
  • A session at this level might cover strategic and complex ideas, research, technologies, and subjects and are best suited for experienced professionals in the industry.

Manager (Manager – Director)

  • The learner assumes solid knowledge of the concepts of the industry.
  • The learner has a high level of competence in managing shows and directing projects and people.
  • A session at this level might describe systems and procedures of moderately complex topics.

Staff (Administrative – Coordinator – Student)

  • The learner assumes basic knowledge of concepts of the industry.
  • The learner has basic knowledge and skills but may or may not manage shows or people.
  • A session at this level presents an overview of concepts and features and is best suited for newer professionals.

Submission Instructions

Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed. If having more than one presenter, please provide all the information for all presenters being considered in the proposal.

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